Penis Pumps Work?

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The sad truth is that not all penis pumps work. Some are simply not built in the correct way and this can cause damage to your penis so you need to be especially wary of these penis pumps. Some just don’t possess the power needed to increase your penis size by a considerable amount and some are just complete scams full stop!

Penis pumps work but you need to be very wary of the amount of bad male enhancement products out there. I’m sure you’ve seen the embarrassingly unrealistic adverts on adult sites that claim you can “grow 5 inches in 2 weeks” etc. Don’t fall for these scams, instead pick a solution that works!

Do penis pumps work? Of course but you need to select the right one that is medically approved and you know will give you the results you want and need and for this I recommend a penis pump called SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics is the number 1 penis pump in the world and is known as the only penis pump device that is recommended by the medical world. Some even call it the “Rolls Royce” of male enhancement products.

At slightly over $300 you can see why it is described as that, in other words it is by no means cheap compared to other penis pumps but as with anything you get in life you really do get what you pay for and this is especially true with the SizeGenetics device.

Perhaps the reason that this particular device is so popular is because it offers a whole host of other bonuses from usage. Most penis pumps work on simply increasing the length of your penis but this device goes the extra mile (and gives you the extra mile) by simultaneously increasing length and girth.

If you don’t know about the importance of girth then you should. It is in fact the girth that provides the woman with more pleasure than the actual length so bare that in mind when you’re looking to enlarge your penis.

Not only does it focus on increasing the size of the penis in all areas it also gives you longer lasting and much harder erections which of course prolongs the pleasure for you and your sexual partners. This ultimately leads to an unbelievable level of confidence between the sheets which in turn improves your sex life 10 fold!

Unless you feel like being low on sexual confidence for the rest of your life and want to put up with your brain constantly telling you your inadequate downstairs then I highly recommend you take action today and make that first positive step in the right direction.

You shouldn’t have to live feeling below par whilst other men are out there having the best sex of their lives with women that this moment in time couldn’t even dream of getting. Seriously, make the decision to increase the size of your penis and I promise you it will not be one you live to regret!

Why Penis Pumps Work Better Than Other Male Enhancement Products

Men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction may be tempted to turn to pharmaceutical solutions to their problem. The media are full of advertisements for these drugs. All drugs have side effects, though, and drugs for erectile dysfunction are no different. In fact, the Federal Drug Administration has placed some heavy duty warnings on erectile dysfunction drugs.

Penis pumps work by using pressure to help a man achieve an erection. This method has absolutely no side effects though it should be used with caution and for only relatively short periods of time. If you choose to use a penis pump, you will not have to worry about having strong drugs in your body.

Penis pumps work best if the user is in a completely relaxed situation with little pressure on himself to perform. Penis pumps work well if the man is with his sexual partner provided that she understands about his need to use the device. Penis pumps work better than masturbation at times because they are able to exert a fair bit of pressure on the penis thus encouraging it to become erect. A penis pump will work more reliably than a cock ring which must be attached to the penis and can only be done when it is firmly erect. Penis pumps work especially well after a long, relaxing bath or shower because the man will be thoroughly relaxed and ready for a sexual adventure.

Penis pumps work better than other male enhancement products because they require remarkably little preparation to use and very little maintenance.

Some men turn to surgical interventions as a way to increase the girth of their penis but the same effect can be achieved with a penis pump. With regular use, the penis can be taught how to grow larger. Penis pumps work by forcing more blood into the penis which creates a larger, more easily sustainable erection. This can all be achieved without the use of drugs by using a penis pump. It is a safe, nonsurgical way to increase your penis size and maintain it with little effort.

How Do Penis Pumps Work?

Penis pumps can be used to increase the dimension of the penis. This will be achieved much in the same way that regular exercise increases the bulk of one’s muscles. In order to achieve the desired bulk size of your penis, you should use your penis pump three to four times per week for about thirty minutes each time. You will see an increase in the dimension of your penis, but probably not in its length.

Penis pumps work by applying pressure to the penis. Some men use them as an alternative to erectile dysfunction drugs if they are unable to get or maintain an erection. Other men use them solely for the purposes of masturbation. Many couples enjoy using a penis pump to enhance their sexual experience.

Penis pumps work best when the user is relaxed and in a good mood. Try having just one glass of wine before sex to get yourself fully relaxed and in the mood. Penis pumps work best if you don’t have any major expectations about how the sexual experience will be. Too many expectations put too much pressure on the man to perform and he will find it even more difficult to get or maintain an erection.

Penis pumps work well in conjunction with things like cock rings which will help you maintain an erection after you have achieved it. Penis pumps work even after penile surgery to enhance the penis size. Penis pumps work well following prostrate surgery to help the user regain sexual function.

Penis pumps can be used in the company of a woman if she is not uncomfortable with the idea. If she is not comfortable with it, go into another room to use your penis pump and return to the bedroom once you have an erection. There is no shame in using a penis pump. You can think of it the same way you would if you were taking drugs to help overcome an erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps work well for all kinds of situations and will help the user overcome any embarrassment he may have about not being able to maintain an erection.